On air, our AM and FM stations always ask people to tune into us. However, as far as our sales and marketing team is concerned, WE are the ones tuned in to YOU. 

RMN  - MARKETING AND MEDIA VENTURES offers a comprehensive line-up of media options that effectively cover specific target markets  through a strong media network, key media properties, innovative events and tailor-fitted consumer-based marketing ventures with a nationwide reach.


RMN Networks is committed to provide relevant news, commentary, public service and entertainment for the Masang Pilipino.

Promos and Events

Our outstanding services also  include the conceptualization and creative execution of radio promos such as texting promos or live on-air promos. Aside from this, we W are also very capable in handling on-ground activities because of our 55 stations scattered throughout the country. You can be sure that we will be able to provide you with creative and logistical support as we already have our own directory of local contacts nationwide. And for your convenience, we can also do over-all project management where we can monitor and submit reports for your events and promos.


We enable brands to effectively reach their target market through our strategic outdoor ad solutions in Manila and key cities nationwide.



RMN - Marketing and  Media Ventures aims to provide clients digitally enforced marketing initiatives thru various digital platforms, highly- effective digital ideas and results-focused implementations to achieve awareness.


Sales and Marketing Office Nos.:
815-8304 or 816-2822 or 772-56-94

4/F State Condominium 1,
Salcedo St., Legaspi Village,
Makati City 1229, Philippines