A LOVE WITH COMPASSION: PCSO Granted P158M to 20,090 Indigents thru its Medical Access Program

Mandaluyong City. As the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) continues to serve and provide the public with responsive and timely medical assistance, 20,090 indigent Filipinos and qualified beneficiaries from various regions of the country have received P158,769,429.82 in medical aid and support through the agency’s Medical Access Program (MAP) for March 2022.

The provision of the above-mentioned medical assistance was made possible thru the help of the PCSO’s five major departments across the Philippines and in partnership with the government and private hospitals, health facilities, different medicine retailers and Malasakit Centers.

The National Capital Region department ranked first for the month, providing a total of P36,936,899.81 in medical assistance to 2,542 people in need, followed by the Southern Tagalog and Bicol Region department, which granted a total of P35,773,642.78 to 5,760 eligible patients. The Northern and Central Luzon department extended love and compassion to 4,596 indigents by allocating P34,144,102.20 worth of medical support. As a source of hope for its people, the Visayas department was able to provide P29,902,000.81 to 3,894 Filipinos suffering from illnesses and medical conditions, while the Mindanao department assisted 3,298 patients with a total of P22,012,784.22 worth of medical aid.

For the augmentation of its medical funds to various medical coverages, the PCSO’s MAP allocated a total of P99,848,858.21 for the Confinement of 9,328 qualified patients. Medical assistance for Cancer treatment such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy amounting to P19,669,538.40 and P801,643.40 were given to 2,244 and 78 cancer patients respectively. P30,691,991.34 worth of medical assistance for Dialysis injection and Hemodialysis was granted to 7,477 individuals suffering with high stage of kidney disease. 603 patients who are in need of medical assistance to undergo laboratory, diagnostic and imaging procedures have received a total amount of P3,299,000.23 worth of guarantee letters. 83 patients have acquired PCSO’s medical assistance worth P2,297,630.75 for the implants and medical devices.

Meanwhile, medical assistances for specialty medicines were also allocated for the following number of eligible individuals including the total amount they have received: P1,326,400.84 for the Post Kidney Transplant Medicines for 174 patients, P330,124.00 for 27 patients with Hemophilia, P310,282.20 for 62 individuals who undergone Anti-Lupus medications, P5,000.00 worth of medical assistance for the Neuro-psychiatric  medication for one in need patient. Medical assistance for Thalassemia was given to 3 patients amounting to P24,200.00, 2 patients have received assistance for Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP) medication with a total amount of P70,000.00, 7 individuals with Psoriasis were given P74,760.45 worth of medical aid for the said disease. The PCSO also granted P20,000.00 for Intravenous Immune Globulin (IVIG) and received by one in need individual to increase his/her immunoglobulin levels.

The MAP is funded with the PCSO’s revenues from its different games and is included on the 30% Charity fund allocation. This is being issued to the eligible patients or individuals thru guarantee letters.

Known for its generosity and being the fountainhead of hope among other government agencies, the PCSO keeps its foot to the ground and walks down the right path, waving the flag of public service as it expands its purpose in giving, helping and providing medical aids to those who cannot earn it on their own.

“Join us as we MARCH forward, holding each other’s helping hands as we alleviate the sufferings of our fellow Filipinos.”

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