Friday, June 14, 2024

Our Leadership



“From its humble beginnings in Cagayan de Oro, RMN has grown into the country’s largest radio network – a network that is all in one, all around and digital!”

Board Directors

  • Eric S. Canoy
  • Maria Clara S. Canoy
  • Ike S. Canoy
  • Carlos S. Canoy
  • Erika Marie C. Sanchez
  • Enrico Guido O. Canoy
  • Atty Diosdado B. Marasigan
  • Atty Marieta Nieto (Corporate Secretary)

History & Milestones


Don Henry R. Canoy, with Robin Cui & Vicente Rivera built a transmitter from surplus parts.


Don Henry R. Canoy hit the airwaves as a pirate radio station.


Don Henry’s brother, Reuben Canoy applied for a congressional franchise.


The 1st radio station DXCC, officially went on air in Cagayan de Oro.


Inspired by a radio station in Greeley, Colorado, USA, Don Henry created the 1st programming blueprint.


The 1st batch in a series of expansions was Manila, Iligan, Butuan and Davao, henceforth the name Radio Mindanao Network or RMN.


Together with Andres Soriano Sr. of San Miguel Corp., the 1st tri-media conglomerate of RMN-IBC-Philippine Herald was established.


1st in Philippine radio history, RMN pioneers fast, direct & crystal clear nationwide newscasts delivered via microwave technology.


RMN became Radio Mindanao Network, Inc. & Associates by affiliating and providing services to smaller networks.


With the emerging FM market, RMN splits its operations into two major divisions, AM and FM.


RMN’s 1st TV station went on air in Cagayan de Oro.


The 1st Philippine radio network to conquer the American airwaves through WRMN in New York.


The 1st commercial radio station in the Philippines to broadcast with HD Radio technology is RMN’s DWKC in Manila.


With 65 strong radio stations on its 65th Anniversary, RMN delivers its content across multiple digital platforms worldwide.


We are RMN, the country’s leading nationwide radio network.

RMN is committed to uphold our brand of excellence and continuously strive to provide the most comprehensive media service to our listeners and the best creative advertising to our clientele.

Our AM stations deliver public service that is truly responsive and results- oriented while our FM stations provide happy entertainment to its listeners.

As this nation forges ahead in its development as a modern progressive democratic member of the world community, access of its citizens to accurate and authoritative information and opinion on domestic and international affairs becomes an increasingly important essential.

RMN, in serving this need, is determined to set the highest standards of accuracy, objectivity – and above all – dedication to the national interest.

To this end, we pledge:

RMN will not, under any provocation, permit the exposure of listeners to any material that violates the canons of broadcasting ethics or good taste.RMN will, at all times, honor its professional obligation to present all ascertainable facts of a given situation without bias or distortion.

RMN will always identify editorial opinion as such, mindful that it must meet the acid test of factual basis and logical conclusion.

Subject to the Divine Will, RMN recognizes no interest higher than the national interest and no obligation other than public service.