Asawa ni former Mayor Jed Mabilog kay Duterte: ‘Leave us alone already’


Syudad sang Iloilo – Daw kasubong nga wala pa gid maka-move on si presidente Rodrigo Duterte sa kaakig sini kay anay mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog.

Sa iya pagbasa liwat sang narco-list kagab-I, Marso 14 sa meeting sang national peace and order council sa Davao City kon sa diin ginlawag sini si anay mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog, ginpahayag sini nga luyag niya mahibaluan kon nga-a nakaguwa sa pungsod ang anay alkalde.

Ginpahayag ni Duterte nga matapos sang paglawag niya sang narcolist sang 2016, iya ginhatagan sang lista ang us embassy agud indi makaguwa sa pungsod ang mga yara sa listahan.

Apang natingala ang presidente nga nakaguwa si Mabilog kag karon indi na mahibauan kon sa diin nagapanago.

Luyag mahibaluan ni presidente Duterte kon paano nakalusot ang anay alkalde apesar yara ini sa listahan sang narco-politicians kabangdanan iya paga-usisaon ang US embassy natuhoy diri.

Matapos malawagan ang anay alkalde snag syudad, nagpost naman sa social media ang asawa sini nga si Mrs. Marivic Mabilog.

“2010-2016. Pareho sila Mayor. Si Jed, sa Iloilo City, Si Digong, sa Davao. While Jed was working hard for the eradication of the drug menace and getting results, Digong was hardly working in Davao. While Iloilo was cited as the third least drug infected city, Davao had one of the worst record in drug trade and use in the country.

If your latest narco-list is truly validated, why don’t your furnish the media the validated list and the sources of your data, properly validated by the reporting agencies?

You never brought any drug-related case agaianst Jed because you have nothing on him. You think by continually shaming him and lying about him will do him damage. But Jed’s shield and armour are the truths you refuse to acknowledge.

Leave us alone already.”

Nauna diri, sang Marso 7, may komento man si Mrs. Mabilog angot sa pahayag sang Malacañang nga ginbase sa wiretapped phone calls ‘shared by foreign governments’ ang narcolist ni Presidente Rodrigo Duterte.

“Wow! In this case, Mr. President, please release your wiretapped conversation. You are one lying piece of crap and a certified nut case! It has been three years of shaming and lies and you have not presented a single piece or grain of evidence. Now bring that wiretap out and I will personally bring Jed to you. If you are lying, resign from your post immediately. Oh wait. You will never resign, right?

Jed is your favorite whipping boy. It pains you to think that he was able to accomplish that much in Iloilo City in 6 short years what you failed to do in Davao in over 20 without killing a single person. Jed simply magnifies your failures as a person, as a government leader.

You have my pity. I don’t hate you anymore. You gave my kids a full time father.

You are on top of my prayers this Lenten Season. I made a resolution yesterday, before I had my forehead marked by the ashes of Ash Wednesday that in the next forty days, I will endeavor to live the lives of the saints and to meditate fully on the Imitation of Christ. But here you are again, just like the devil that you are, you come into my consciousness trying to lure me away from the path I chose.

Go ahead. With God before us, we will never lose our way.

Take your meds, talk to your shrink and he may help you get over Jed.”

Photo via IMT

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