Crime volume sa syudad sang Iloilo nagnubo sa 29%


SYUDAD sang Iloilo – Nagnubo ang crime incidents sa syudad sang Iloilo sang 29% sa ikaduha nga semana sang Marso kon ikumparar sa kaangay nga period sang nagligad nga tuig.

Sa record sang Iloilo City Police Office (ICPO), nabalhag ang kabug-usan nga 45 crime incidents halin Marso 8-14, 2019 ikumpara sa 63 incidents sang March 9-15 snag 2018.

Ginpahatag pagtamod ni Chief Insp. Ruel F. Firmo, operations headsang ICPO ang padayon nga deployment sang police personnel, police interventions, operations kag maximum police visibility sa pagnubo sang crime incidents.

“We assure you that ICPO ensures the deployment of police personnel in every area of responsibility so that we can prevent or minimize incidents in the city,” ang pahayag ni Firmo.

Ang ICPO naghiwat sang one-time big-time operation sa diin 12 ka wanted persons ang na-aresto sa una nga semana sang Marso.

Naka-aresto man ang ICPO sang duh aka drug personalities sa ikaduha nga semana sang Marso.

“We also had our saturation drives, anti-smoking and enforcement of city ordinances,” pahayag ni Firmo.

Nagahiwat man sila sang 65 ka checkpoint operations, kag 21 ka saturation drives. Nagaplano ang ICPO nga magtukod sang team nga nagafocus sa mga riding-in-tandem.

“We are going to offer to the Public Safety and Transportation Management Office (PSTMO) our plan of creating a motorized team who will monitor the riding-in-tandem suspects. This team existed before but was not sustained, and we would like to bring it back with the help of everyone,” ang dugang nga pahayag ni Firmo.

Via Iloilo City Government
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