House Reps seek hospitals to publicly disclose list of prices on services, supplies

iFM News Laoag – Highlighting the possibility that the high expenses in healthcare might lead individuals to opt for self-medication rather than seeking appropriate care, two legislators aim to mandate transparency in healthcare facilities. They propose making public the prices of services provided, additional costs, and expenses for medical supplies.

Ilocos Norte Second District Representative Angelo Marcos Barba introduced House Bill No. 9085, known as the Healthcare Services Price Disclosure Act, in September. Additionally, House Deputy Speaker and Batangas Representative Ralph Recto submitted a similar bill, HB No. 6967, in January of the previous year.

The legislators emphasized the importance of requiring healthcare facilities to furnish an extensive and dependable price catalogue for their services, accommodations, and medical supplies, considering it a crucial move towards transparency.

In the explanatory note of HB No. 9085, Barba underscored that transparency would empower patients by serving as a protective measure against deceptive and unjust practices within the healthcare system. ### Bernard Ver, RMN News

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