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St. Martin de Porres also known as ‘a mullato friar’, is a Dominican brother who believes in social justice and the humbleness of doing hard work. To him all works are sacred no matter how menial. He is the patron saint of people of mix race, innkeepers, barbers, and public health workers. Twenty five years after St. Martin de Porres died in November 3, 1639, his body was exhumed and found to remain intact and exhaling a fine fragrance.

The ruins of the Chapel of St. Martin de Porres can be found at Hda. Bagtic II, in the City of Silay abandoned and dilapidated in the middle of a cane field were peasants continue to labor under the scorching heat of the sun, crying the same cry for social justice the humble black Dominican Friar fought for 400 years ago.


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