Press Release from Police Regional Office 2 Regarding Randy Malayao Case

Behind the killing of Randy Felix Malayao III.

Alleged National Democratic Front peace consultant Randy Felix Malayao III was shot dead inside a passenger bus in Nueva Vizcaya early morning Wednesday, January 30, 2019.

On board a Victory Liner bus bound for Isabela when the bus made a stop in Aritao town in Nueva Vizcaya past 2 am and the gunman went inside the bus then fired two successive shots upon the victim causing his instantaneous death, according to the Nueva Vizcaya Police spot report.

But what could probably the reason behind the untimely demise of Malayao.

As a known peace consultant, he could have been protected from the evil plans of his adversaries.

Many interesting stories arise that the killing could have been his involvement in the revolutionary movement CPP/NPA.

Malayao who has been in hiding since early last year put a big question to the revolutionary movement since his collectives could no longer contact him.

There are issues earlier disclosed by close friends of Malayao and some are active members of the CPP/NPA in the Cagayan Valley known as Komiteng Rehiyon-Hilagang Silangan Luson.

This issues could have been included in the angles of the killing of Randy Felix Malayao III.

Malayao has been a ranking leader of the CPP/NPA in the Cagayan Valley since 1990s.

He was allegedly one of the masterminds who ordered the killing of Rodolfo Aguinaldo, together with CPP/NPA Cagayan Valley head Elizabeth Principe, in 2001 near his residence in Tuguegarao City.

After his detention for around four years and upon dismissal of the murder case against him for insufficiency of evidence relative to the killing, staunch supporters of then governor Rodolfo Aguinaldo vowed to the get even with the CPP/NPA leader.

Malayao was also questioned by the hierarchy of the CPP/NPA on how he managed the Party funds for the Cagayan Valley.

In the ‘Lakbayan’ activities for the Cagayan Valley in 2017, Malayao, instead of releasing the entire funds allocated for the activities, meager amount was released, thus target participants for the activities failed to be achieved.

Furthermore, in October 2015, Malayao kept for himself the P50,000.00 from the P100,000.00 relief fund coming from the Citizens Disaster Response Center intended for the relief operation for the victims of Typhoon Ineng in Cagayan Valley region.

Relative to the upcoming mid-term elections, Malayao was reportedly asking twice the amount of the so-called permit-to-campaign and permit-to-win fees (PTC-PTW) set by the CPP/NPA to local politicians.

For Congressional candidates, instead of collecting P500,000.00, he will peg the amount to P1M.

For Provincial Governor, candidates instead of collecting P400,000.00, he will peg the amount to P800,000.00.

For Vice Governor candidates, instead of collecting P80,000.00, he will peg the amount to P160,000.00.

For City Mayor candidates, instead of collecting P300,000.00, he will peg the amount to P600,000.00.

For Vice Mayor candidates, instead of collecting P200,000.00, he will peg P400,000.00.

Malayao double the amount fixed by the higher leadership of the CPP/NPA for his personal gains.

Malayao’s PTC-PTW operations were felt by local politicians not only in Cagayan Valley but also in Region 1 and Cordillera regions.

Meanwhile, in March 2018, Malayao eloped with Agnes Mesina, also a ranking member of the CPP/NPA Cagayan Valley.

Since then, no contacts were registered by their so-called Party collectives or even from their close friends and relatives.

The disputes against Malayao within the CPP/NPA is a serious matter. The violations of ‘financial opportunism’ and ‘sexual opportunism’ are severely dealt with by the revolutionary movement.

As serious offenses, these violations could have been penalized by death by the revolutionary justice system.

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