RMN NAGA- DWNX RadyoMaNager Al Ubaña and Son, Red, Recover Fully from Covid -19


Many of you are aware that I and my son Red both tested positive for Covid-19 about 3 weeks ago. This was confirmed after we voluntarily submitted ourselves for a swab test. Once the confirmation was given that we are indeed positive for the virus, I gave Mayor Nelson Legacion permission to publish my name as one of the Covid-positive patients on the list for that day.
By God’s grace, my son and I are both negative now and have fully recovered from the viral disease.
I’m posting this for 2 reasons :
First, Covid patients do recover from the virus. I have a heart ailment, yet I recovered from it. I’m not downplaying the seriousness of this viral disease and it’s potentially life- terminating effects, but it’s encouraging to know that we do have a very big percentage of recoveries not only here in the Philippines but worldwide. If someone like me can recover from Covid without taking any medicines or being injected with any vaccine, I’m sure other healthier(and younger) people will.
Second, there’s no shame or fear in allowing your name to be published as a Covid patient. In fact, the publication of your name as a Covid-positive case will aid in the speedy facilitation of relevant agencies’ contact-tracing efforts. We should stop the irrational fear and paranoia that’s only making matters worse.
I hope this encourages everyone. Let’s all work together to fight this virus. Let’s all continue to pray that this crisis will be over soon. You all take care and stay safe.
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