2nd National Surf Summit in Borongan City Sets Waves of Progress and Collaboration

BORONGAN CITY- The Department of Tourism (DOT) Region 8 proudly hosted the successful 2nd National Surf Summit with the theme “Surfing Horizons: Unveiling New Destinations, Igniting Tourism” at the Surf City Big Tent, Baybay Beach in Borongan City from December 1 to 3, 2023.

The event gathered esteemed guests, including officials from the DOT, local leaders, and officials from Borongan City and Eastern Samar. They witnessed the turnover of the summit’s hosting to DOT-8 through Regional Director Karina Tiopez.

Assistant Secretary Christopher Morales, standing for DOT Secretary Christina Frasco, expressed strong support for the country’s surfing community and its role in boosting tourism.

In an interview with Rupert Ambil, Borongan City’s Information Officer, the successful surf summit coincided with the conclusion of the 4th leg national surfing competition, fostered connections and enhanced tourism through videos showcasing renowned surfing icons.

“A lot of people learned new things, opened up new perspective of what surfing is about, ano ang importansya ng surfing sa gobyerno and to other sectors of our community. We thank the DOT, the province, LGU and stakeholders. We just have to open our minds and see everyone’s perspective for the general welfare of the constituents,” Ambil expressed.

“Sana in the near future, this will really boost the livelihood, economy, due to this tourism and events like this,” Ambil added.

Participants included surfers, surfing operators, gear providers, some LGU leaders and various supporters of surfing all over the country.

Across three vibrant days, discussions covered key topics vital to the surfing industry, such as global trends, infrastructure, youth development, and environmental protection.

The summit featured practical sessions like the Surf Demo Workshop, offering firsthand experiences and insights.

The ceremonial passing of the hosting to the Bicol Region symbolized the ongoing promotion of surfing tourism nationwide.

This summit highlighted Borongan City’s significance as a premier surfing spot and showcased how surfing tourism can drive growth and sustainability across the Philippines.

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