Be friends with someone who just friendzoned you?


Can you still be friends with someone who rejected you? ang pinakasakit na friendzone pa gyud ko.
In the past couple of weeks doing the iConfessions nightly, I often get this question from our listeners, can you still be friends after landing in the friendzone with someone who rejected you?
Generally it is a NO for me, but there is always an exception to the rule. Guys it is a case to case basis, consider this three pointers below in your decision if it is better to just stay or leave the person who broke your heart.
1. Be honest with what you feel
Evaluate yourself- some of us prefer to stay just to keep the friendship but being devastated from heartbreak is the most considerable reason why you need to leave. It is better to be honest with what you feel if there is a need for you to distance yourself first with the person by letting him/her know why you are doing it.

2. You can no longer be friends because “MO ASA GIHAPON KA”
If you give yourself a chance to keep whatever you have, you might be ended up putting another false hope for your feelings. As humans, we tend to be bias with interpreting things- the way she/he looks at you, care and txt you but those things are just, SADLY, normal for her/him.
3. You can no longer be friends because you need to MOVE ON
Indeed it was a very painful experience, being in the friendzone. It causes you pimple breakouts because of sleepless nights thinking of her/him. This experience have taught you lessons to ponder. Better keep yourself distance with that person so that the pain will heal and be with that person again once you have fully recovered.

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