Breaking: Rep Marissa Andaya, 1st District, Camarines Sur, Pumanaw Na Dahil sa Kanser

STATEMENT of ex-Rep. Rolando Nonoy Andaya :
“The love of my life has passed on into eternal life .
Her people lost their leader, our children their caring mother, and I my best friend.
Marissa was a cancer warrior, staving off of the ravages of that cruel disease for seven years.
Always cheerful, she never allowed her sickness infect the people around her with despair. Even at her lowest point, it was she who kept our spirits up , and never for once relinquished her role as the anchor of the family.
Before she was elected to Congress, Marissa was already public servant without an office. She was a one-person social welfare agency, who did things anonymously.
When her constituents gifted her with a mandate, all the more that she tirelessly served them.
Although immunocompromised, she chose to be with them from Day One of the lockdown, daily doing the rounds of her district, helping the sick, the stranded, and those who have lost jobs and livelihood.
She reluctantly returned to Manila on the first week of June for her scheduled medical check-up . It was there that we learned that her nemesis has returned with a vengeance.
Tonight, surrounded by her loved ones , her beautiful heart gave up.
I am blessed to have spent half of my life – twenty five happy years – with this wonderful woman with a generous spirit and compassionate heart who was devoted to her family, her faith, , her oath, and her fellowmen.
We ask our friends to give us space to in the meantime grieve in private. Funeral details will be announced soon.”


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