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Manila, Philippines – November 24, 2023

The Department of Energy (DOE) has introduced a ground-breaking Energy Efficiency Campaign in a bold step toward a more sustainable and energy-efficient future.

The “You Have the Power” campaign was unveiled on March 06, 2023, on DOE’s Facebook page.

It can revolutionize how the country consumes energy, reduce energy costs, and stop climate change.

The “You Have the Power” Energy Efficiency campaign is a key element to the Philippines’ commitment to environmental stewardship and economic development.

With a dual mission of reducing carbon emissions and enhancing energy security, this campaign promotes energy conservation practices and stimulates the adoption of cleaner, more sustainable energy technologies across the nation.

Key Highlights of the “You Have the Power” Energy Efficiency Campaign: Investment in Renewable Energy: A major focus of the campaign is the development of renewable energy sources like solar, wind, and hydropower.

This involves incentivizing the adoption of renewable energy technologies and facilitating investment in clean energy projects to diversify the country’s energy mix.

Consumer Empowerment: Empowering the consumer is a goal of the Energy Efficiency Campaign, which does this by educating consumers.

To encourage informed decisions and investments in sustainable solutions, an introduction to basic energy-efficient practices, and recommendations for energy-efficient appliances will be offered.

Transportation Transformation: The campaign places a strong focus on modernizing the transportation sector by encouraging the adoption of electric vehicles. (EVs)

This transition will not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions but also promote energy independence.

Community and Industry Engagement: DOE will engage with local communities and industries to foster a culture of energy conservation.

Partnerships with the private sector and civil society organizations will facilitate knowledge sharing and implementation of energy-efficient practices.

Energy Undersecretary Felix William Fuentebella underscored the importance of the initiative, stating, “The current Administration is aggressive towards developing other sources of energy.

This includes offshore wind and nuclear power plants.

The main goal is to reach 50% of the country’s renewable energy source by 2040.

The launch of the “You Have the Power” Energy Efficiency Campaign marks a significant leap forward for the Philippines in its journey toward sustainability and a greener future.

With a comprehensive strategy and strong determination, the nation is poised to set an example in the Asia-Pacific region and align itself with international efforts to combat climate change.

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