Healthcare: Medical Mission @ Malaybalay


Radyo Mindanao Network Foundation, Inc. in coordination with RMN DXMB Malaybalay, in celebration of RMN’s 66th Anniversary, organized a Medical Mission last August 28, 2018. We provided the following free services to the local residents of Bukidnon: Medical and Dental Check-ups  with medicines and vitamins;  Bloodletting; Haircut and Massage . In addition, we had  a  public service, c/o PSA (formerly NSO), like application or authentication of birth certificates, marriage contracts and certificate of no marriage.

Three (3) weeks before the activity, RMN DXMB station aired the details of the activity, for the registration of the recipients for the mission. Medical records showed that most of the patients had ordinary illnesses like cough & colds, body pains, headache, UTI, etc. A few of them with recurring diseases were referred to the city government health clinics/hospitals.

We were able to serve 1,000 beneficiaries.  This project was made possible with the help of RMN DXMB Malaybalay radio station, ACS Manufacturing Corp., International Pharmaceuticals Inc. and Lantapan Drugstore.


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