Exciting news for radio listeners and fans of Joey Papaya, the popular radio personality turned city councilor of Zamboanga City! Joey Papaya is making a comeback with his highly anticipated program, “i-Confess,” on iFM 96.3. But that’s not all; this time, he will be joined by none other than the famous Chavacana vlogger, Marie Torres.  Starting today, avid followers can tune in to iFM 96.3 to catch Joey Papaya and Marie Torres as they bring their unique blend of entertainment, humor, and insightful discussions to the airwaves. With their combined talents and vibrant personalities, listeners can expect an engaging and interactive show that will surely keep them entertained. Moreover, for those who prefer visual content, the program will also be available to watch on the Facebook page of 96.3 iFM Zamboanga. This means that fans can not only enjoy the audio broadcast but also have the opportunity to witness the dynamic chemistry between Joey Papaya and Marie Torres as they tackle various topics, share stories, and interact with their audience. With Joey Papaya’s wit and experience in radio, alongside Marie Torres’ charm and popularity as a Chavacana vlogger, this new collaboration promises to deliver an entertaining and unforgettable listening and viewing experience. Don’t miss out on the fun and tune in to i-Confess on iFM 96.3 or catch them on the Facebook page of 96.3 iFM Zamboanga.
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