IFM 96.3 AND DXRZ 900 Render Community Service During the Holy Week

By: Rham Francisco Iraham
RMN radio stations in Zamboanga, DXRZ 900 and iFM 96.3, have once again demonstrated their commitment to serving their community. During Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, the stations provided free bottled water, bread, and blood pressure monitoring to the people who were going to the 14th stations at Abong-Abong for their Holy Week rituals.
The initiative was aimed at helping the devotees who were observing the annual tradition by providing them with basic necessities and medical assistance. The stations’ staff and volunteers were on site to distribute the items and monitor the blood pressure of individuals who needed it.
The gesture was well-received by the community, and many expressed their appreciation for the stations’ efforts to make their Holy Week observance more comfortable and convenient. It also highlighted the importance of community service and the role that media organizations can play in supporting their local communities.
DXRZ 900 and iFM 96.3 of RMN RADIO NETWORK have a long-standing reputation for being actively involved in community outreach programs, and this initiative was just one of the many ways they have given back to the people of Zamboanga city. Their dedication to providing assistance and support to those in need is an inspiring example of the impact that radio stations can have on their communities.

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