"Kahit Wala ng Love Life, Basta May NX-Face Mask" -Ninoy Reyes

Sharing in toto remarks of Ninoy Reyes <www.facebook.com/ninoy.reyes.7?__tn__=%2Cd%2AF%2AF-R&eid=ARC7aHfcmUJCgvqdj5X-MvV-k4OCVJEoRKhm1TnCd-ZHpOv1uR1rWSzchN987uC5b7i3afwXrdgi0ciT&tn-str=%2AF> re RMN Naga-DWNX Face Mask Project
#TyFromYourAvidListenerSince1998 <www.facebook.com/hashtag/tyfromyouravidlistenersince1998?__eep__=6&epa=HASHTAG&__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARCZqLa2s_LW1MU7syK5nG1TKdqtJ7-wTkN3pvu8d53P9HyFNmIA9qpYwhIkCHKVAwdULKmrWhoGZj3vNCSK1evVdynyE_IVkzqw…> 🎧 When I was still a little kid and a student while having breakfast and everytime my papa will bring me to school, driving while listening to 91.1 DWNX NAGA was a way of life. Fast forward 2020 we still do the same listening habit. This brand has been always there to inform, educate and to render public service most especially in times of calamities, disasters, typhoons and even in the midst of a pandemic and a killer virus they deeply care and value their listeners. A day ago I had a joke maski mayo ng love life basta may NX-facemask:):):) My wish was granted:):):)
On a serious note thank you Rmn Dwnx <www.facebook.com/rmndwnxnaga?__tn__=K%2AF&eid=ARCqTYt7wxtusCkUQLTblAjR1eftdYLKLv6wLuw4fH6e6MoAPN-jM17tDp3T7OEQDhhGN0ITVkJdJOOC&__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARCZqLa2s_LW1MU7syK5nG1TKdqtJ7-wTkN3pvu8d53P9HyFNmIA…> for giving me, my momshie and my popshie free facemasks. More power and may you continue to shine brightly in radio surveys and ratings, in advertising revenues, more awards to come and most of all may your thousands of listeners continue to celebrate and patronize your programs.
On a personal note thank you for trusting me to be your event director during your big event last 2019 where leaders, game changers and decision makers from the government, business sector, private sector, academe and from national and local agencies showed their support to your station.
-Mabuhay po kamu mga RadyomanπŸ‘πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­β£οΈ—GOD bless Rmn Dwnx Naga- β€” feeling blissful with Mannyjr Basa <www.facebook.com/mannyjr.basa>, Alfredo B. UbaΓ±a <www.facebook.com/alubana>, Grace Inocentes <www.facebook.com/grace.inocentes> and Paul Christian Santos <www.facebook.com/paulchristian.santos.7> in Naga City, Camarines Sur <www.facebook.com/pages/Naga-City-Caramines-Sur/314377938593250> .
full text adopted and photo downloaded from Ninoy Reyes fb post

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