The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office, approved medical assistance in the amount of Php148,515,087.08 to 20,564 for various medical-related requests for the month of September 2020 under its Medical Assistance Program (MAP).

Northern and Central Luzon got the biggest share with P38,474,598.00 for 5,340 beneficiaries. The National Capital Region followed with Php34,508,500.00 for 3,040 patients while 5,166 requests of patients from the Southern Tagalog and Bicol Region were granted a total of Php28,829,500.13.  Amount of assistance received by the 3,819 patients from the Visayas Region totaled to Php25,747,639.72, followed by the 3,199 approved requests from Mindanao Region.

As to nature of request, the confinement cases topped the list with Php77,381,326.49 with 8,814 patients approved. Hemodialysis cases followed with Php47,748,711.05 with a slightly higher number of patients with 9,742. Assistance for Chemotherapy cases amounted to Php21,681,897.46 with 1,831 catered patients. Amount allocated for Post-transplant medicines totaled to Php1,553,152.08 with 162 patients and lastly Hemophilia cases received a total amount of Php150,000.00 with 15 patients approved.

PCSO Vice-Chairperson and General Manager Royina M. Garma commends and appreciates the workforce of fund distribution team scattered nationwide for its effort to continuously perform above par during the pandemic.  She also reiterates that the Agency can offer more of its charitable programs through the support of the public to the various PCSO gaming products such as the Lotto, STL, Keno and Sweepstakes.

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