The Secret Power of Your Mind


“Decide what you want. Believe that you’ll get it. Live as if you already have it.”
Your imagination and thoughts are so powerful. It can either make your life miserable or lovely. The power of mind is very important in our lives especially when it comes to decision-making. For every situation you are facing, whether good or bad, you actually have the power to turn a bad circumstance into a good one and vice versa, by just changing your perspective. Thus, train yourself to feed your mind with positive thoughts every single day. However, remember that the power of your thoughts and imagination are just two of the relevant things that you need in order for you to be successful. Hard work and self-discipline still, are the best tools for your triumph. Don’t just daydream, make your dreams and goals happen now. If you can make it today, why wait for tomorrow? Believe in yourself, friend. Avoid negative thoughts and people who are narrow-minded for they are vexations to your soul. Through experience, I’ve learned that hard work, self-discipline, positive thoughts and faith in God are the best ingredients to your recipe in achieving success. Live it day by day so you will practice it and eventually get used to it. Just a heads up though, failures and challenges would still be visible along the road to your triumph amidst the great recipe for success that you have mastered. Be mindful that learning is perennial in this mundane world. With all the obstacles, heartaches and rejections that you’ve been through and are about to experience, know that such experiences were preparing you to an extraordinary kind of life. And for all these reasons, strive hard to learn something new day in and day out. Never deprive yourself to every opportunity life offers. Grow up, embrace change and remember to feed your mind, heart and soul with great and positive thoughts all the days in your life!
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