VIRAL FB POST | Netizen mihangyo sa Mandaue City Mayor nga mo-suway og drive og motor!


Aniay facebook post addressed ngadto kang Mandaue City Mayor Luigi Quisumbing nga nakakuha sa daghang atensyon sa mga netizens.

Post kini sa usa ka Gian Carlo Luna niadtong March 8, 2018. Ni-gain napud ni og more than a thousand nga reactions. You be the judge idol. Please take time to read kabahin ni sa policy sa maong siyudad alang sa mga motorcycle drivers.

“LUIGI QUISUMBING: Pain & Compassion

Dear Mr. Mayor,

For most Filipinos, the motorcycle is their equivalent to the BIG SUVs that you ride comfortably minus the aircon, the windshield, and the cover from the elements of rain, Sun, wind, and the emmissions from other vehicles.

Perhaps you should try riding a motorcycle for one week yourself around your City. That way, you can feel the suffering, the challenges, and the difficulty of people who can only afford motorcycles. I would like to see if you will not cover your nose and mouth while going around your City on a motorbike.

In making rules, laws, or ordinances, it is incumbent upon those who craft them to have the ability not only to see the situation from a higher perspective but also from direct observation of the details on the ground. It is also important to be Scientific and also Humane.

While motorcycles are indeed the transport-of-choice of assasins, it is important to pit your data of How many deaths are related to motorcycle-riding assasins and compare these with How many people ride motorcycles. You Will likely see that while it is a Fact that assassins do use motorcycles you cannot make the conclusion that all motorcycle riders are assasins or potential assasins.

Your Ordinance is very Discriminatory. It is Anti-Poor and also a violation of the Right to Health. It is also a violation of the LTO’s and the DTI’s safety regulation on the use of Full-faced helmets.

Mr. Mayor, a full-faced helmet is the closest thing to the windshield and roof of your nice vehicle. Even this is not enough. We motorcycle riders have to use Face masks to cover our noses and mouths because you, Mr. Mayor, have failed to impose the Clean Air Act. Even many of your public vehicles in your City are smoke Belchers. Many jeepneys in your City spew black clouds into our faces.

If indeed your ordinance is backed up by science you cannot then come to this step of crafting such an ordinance. Why? Because if you study the matter you Will Find that there are likely more deaths and diseases caused by Pollution in your/our “Highly-Industrialized City” secondary to unregulated Air-Polluting industries and vehicles that keep violating environemtal laws. As such, the science should lead you to priorotize ridding the City with polluters. Then perhaps, the idea of removing Face masks while riding a motorcycle in your City Will be a non-issue.

Your ordinance should have little weight in matters of priority. What is more imperative is implementing existing laws properly. More important than that is having a deeper understanding of the Human Being. Laws must be made with a Sense for Rights not just of a few but for the many.

The Ordinance in question is what I call a “Wicked Solution” a term for solutions that is intended to do good but results to giving little benefit and instead creates wicked problems because they are not well thought-out.

And Mr. Mayor, I cannot believe how the City Council could come to this kind of Ordinance? I believe Mandaue City has good thinking people and leaders, what happened?

Mr. Mayor, my family is from Mandaue City. I grew up in that City. I was myself a “Boy Mayor” in our City. In 1985 just before EDSA, i was one of 25 Youth Leaders given an award by your late uncle Ferdinand Marcos. I had two. Im proud of those not because it was given by your uncle but because i was formed by “Mandaue City”. I am a proud graduate of Mandaue City Central School- A public school but my lot are the Idealists!

Mr. Mayor, I Love our City. Please don’t do this. Im sure you can think of better alternatives! I believe you can.

I know you have many bright ideas but this is an exception. I like what you did at the City Center. It shows good Culture- a reflection of your good Nature. But this Ordinance? It shows Insensitivity.

Mr. Mayor, I understand your good intention but I am sure you have heard of the saying: “The Road to Hell is paved with good intentions”.

Mr. Mayor, let me reiterate my earlier suggestion: Try for yourself to experience the pain of those who commute by motorcycle. Feel their Daily pain…Pain is necessary becaus it leads us to become Compassionate to the suffering of Others.

That is what Christ Jesus did which the Pharisees could not do.

Lastly, your Ordinance proves that the “I AM” slogan that Mandaue is adopting is not very well understood.

The “I AM” is related to the Christ- the Great “I AM”.

If Mandaue is to stand by its slogan “I AM” it is incumbent upon it to exercise the three fundamental principles of Equality, Freedom, and Brotherhood.

The Ordinance Does not exhibit the profession of “I AM Mandaue”.

Are we only doing lip Service to the “I AM” that is CHRIST?”

Idol, are you in the same page ni Luna? Usa ba pud ka sa apektado sa maong policy? Please comment.

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