5 Home Remedies to your Hangover


A hangover is just a natural thing we feel after a long night party drinking alcoholic beverages. Hangover naturally occur in the morning when you woke up after being drunk too much on last night’s party or occasion. Usually hangover is caused by dehydration, so here are the best remedies to cure hangover.

1. Drink lots of water– alcoholic beverages may causes dehydration to our body so in order to refill all the lost water in our body, water therapy is one of our best buddy after a hard but happy last night’s party.
2. Take up two tablets of paracetamol– we can choose from a lot of medicine that we can buy over the counter of any drugstore but paracetamol is one of the most effective to relieve headache and body pain without making the stomach upset.

3. Eat banana– Lost of water in the body is not the only problem if you drink too much, also we are losing potassium in our body so you may want to eat a piece of banana or two since banana is known to be rich in potassium.
4.Take rest as much as you can– If you have a hangover you may lose your focus so stop trying to do heavy works especially at home and just take your time to rest until you feel better.
5. Avoid the reason “drink again to wash all the alcohol you drink last night”– this statement is not true. As stated above, therapy is the best way to wash all the alcohol in our body.

Article written by Allysa Irish G. Josef

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