Bagong Pilipinas: Another case of honesty at NAIA

iFM NEWS- A heartwarming lost-and-found tale, MMSU President Shirley C. Agrupis experienced firsthand the innate goodness and honesty of Filipinos during a recent travel mishap. Upon arriving at NAIA 2 past midnight from a delayed PR2199 Lao-Manila flight, an exhausted Dr. Agrupis inadvertently left her handcarry bag – containing her passport and other vital travel documents – at Bay 14.

It was only when she was almost out of the airport premises that she noticed her missing bag. Swiftly, the Grab driver looped around to bring her back to the exact spot she had alighted. To Dr. Agrupis’s immense relief, her bag—which contained cash, important documents, and other valuables—sat untouched in the same spot amid the bustling activity of the airport.

“This is a testament to the core values of Filipinos,” Agrupis mentioned in her heartfelt post. “For those who often focus on the negatives, let this story serve as a reminder of our inherent goodness and honesty.”

The incident resonated with many netizens, with comments pouring in praising the unnamed Good Samaritans of NAIA 2 and the Grab driver for their roles in this uplifting story. For many, this simple incident at the airport stands as a beacon of hope, signaling the dawning of a “Bagong Pilipinas” or a new Philippines, which is the governance battlecry of President Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr.

In an exclusive online interview with RMN, Dr. Agrupis, who is now in China on official mission together with officials of the Commission on Higher Education and other education leaders, she expressed her joy not only in retrieving her bag, but in the innate goodness of the Filipino. “Our journey towards a reimagined Philippines may not be instantaneous, but incidents like these underscore the hope and potential we have as a nation,” she said.

Dr. Agrupis considers this story as a poignant reminder that amidst the challenges the country faces, the heart of the Filipino remains unwavering in its honesty and kindness. “Thank you, Lord,” she concluded, “for this beautiful experience. May it perpetuate and inspire others to see and believe in the best of the Filipino spirit.” | via Bernard Ver @ RMN News

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