NEW ANALYSIS: More active CMO’s is a must to the AFP

NPA blocked Agusan-Surigao City Highway, burned trailer truck.
LT. Col. Glenn Joy Aynera, commanding officer of the Army’s 29th IB confirmed the road block carried out by at least 10 armed NPA rebels in Cuyago Jabonga at 3:00 PM today.
The incident deserves public condemnation, and the AFP Generals are correct in their previous statement that the NPA is fighting for relevance sa bisaya pa papansin KSP…


This similar attack could have been prevented if the troops in the area are doing good in their civil military operations. Remember civilians living in the community, once a good rapport are established with them, they are the best asset and very effective intelligence the afp could have at par with the organic.

CMO personnel should work doubly hard; they must stay out in the camp and do their civil military jobs. They should complement each other with the covert men on the ground in terms of raw information gatherings.

β€œMakaulaw” (shameful) the NPA is occupying, not a road in a Purok or Sitio but a vital highway and it seems the govt troops are helpless to let the civilians travel peacefully, comfortably and unhampered in the highway.

This might be the best challenge to present and aspiring cmo officers get out of your comfort zone in order to have ample time to connect and commune with the populace. Still we condemn the incident..


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