PhilHealth Official Statement: On the filing of complaint by the NBI against PhilHealth officials over the IRM


PhilHealth welcomes the complaint recently filed by the National Bureau of Investigation with the Office of the Ombudsman against nine (9) of its previous and incumbent officials over the issue of Interim Reimbursement Mechanism (IRM) funds provided to healthcare facilities nationwide as part of its COVID-19 response.

The matter will now be properly heard and looked into by the Ombudsman, and that the concerned officers will now have the opportunity to be heard and defend themselves against allegations of fund misuse.

PhilHealth assures the public that the case and those that will be filed henceforth will not in any way affect the operations of the Agency.

It appeals to everyone to let the said complaint take its due course without casting undue conclusion and judgment to those involved.

PhilHealth will always be one with the nation’s hope that these actions will exonerate the innocent while those at fault be made to suffer the full force of the law.



President and Chief Executive Officer

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