RMN Foundation: Reaching Out to More Children


There are million stories about children. Happy, funny, adventurous, humorous, sad, confusing, interesting, horrible, cruel, boring, playful. The list is endless to describe each anecdote that one gets to hear or read. But the most fascinating one is the real life story of a child. Each one is unique. Looking at their faces, you can’t deny the innocence in them regardless of what they go through, whatever their situation in life is, however they were brought up. They are considered helpless and should be given the appropriate support in order to survive in the jungle, called world, the only place we call our home.
RMN Foundation has been doing its share to make this place liveable for everyone especially the children, the future agents who will implement the divine plan.

Whatever happens, it’s a joy to be with children.

Music by: Michael Jackson, “Heal the World”

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