Upat ka pasyente sa Cagayan de Oro, patay sa COVID-19


Upat ka pasyente sa Cagayan de Oro ang namatay tungod sa Corona Virus Disease o COVID-19.

Kini ang gibutyag ni City Epidemiologist Dr. Joselito Retuya atol sa press briefing sa city hall kagahapon.

Lakip sa mga namatay ang mga mosunod nga mga kaso:

561st case – 83/female local from Upper Balulang
– Admitted in a private hospital on Sept 13 due to cough, fever and loss of sense of taste
– Died on Sept 20 @ 6pm
– 7 household contacts identified

568th case – 59/female local from a gated community in Gusa
– Currently admitted in a private hospital for chemo dialysis
– Swabbed on Sept 16 however died on Sept 19
– 3 direct contacts identified

572nd case – 76/female local from a gated community in Upper Balulang
– Complained of fever, cough and shortness of breathing and seek medical consultation on Sept 18
– However died on Sept 21
– 6 direct contacts identified

574th case – 39/male local from Carmen
– Complained of cough on Sept 18; shortness of breathing on Sept 19 and brought to NMMC but declared dead on arrival
– Buried immediately

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