Pink lipstick revolution sa twitter?


Pink lipstick revolution online?

Ang buwan sa June mao ang giila nga pride month, apan trending kining usa ka post sa twitter nga anaay bata nga nag-edad og 9-anyos nga biktima sa mga bully tungod sa pagsul.ob og pink nga lipstick-

Trending online ang post ni @bijlanidiksh sa iyang twitter account diin Makita sa ilang hulagway nga gi post ang iyang tibook pamilya nga nag sul.ob og pink nga lipstick- kini agi pakita suporta sa nahauna nga post nga na bully ang usa ka 9-anyos nga bata nga iyang ig-agaw mismo.

Sa iyang post; “My cousin, 9, is the most “effeminate” in the house. Let’s call him Little Cuz. Loves to paint nails, wear lipcolour, learn home science! But in this stereotypical alpha male-centric household he’s often the pivot of jokes. Today he applied lipcolour & got called a “chakka”

Ang maong post nanganak og retweet ug nakahimo og taas nga thread. Daghan ang nagpakita og suporta sa bata pinaagi sa pag retweet sa maong post;

“I’m so done with Indian society and I’m going to make a thread as to why this country is so narrow minded” – *@singularitykth*

“this thread is important! india needs to bid a goodbye to the stereotypes and put an end to the stigma! stop shaming on the basis on your own shallow thoughts regarding one’s gender roles,accept the change! respect everyone’s choices, it’s THEIR life! live and let live, pls!” – *@_subtleturtle_*

“Damn girrl! I was just randomly following u but u r something else entirely, consider me a fan now. Amidst all the glory of celebration u hv an insight that reaches out 2 those who r not so fortunate when it comes to their family. Very well done PS we need u in public services” -*@girlwash*

“Tell him he looks super cute and I just love the lip colour. Wish i could carry it off as well as he did. And a big hug for him. Tell him he is the most courageous kid I have seen. It takes courage to be different and do what you want. He is doing it” – *@priyashmita*

Ug sa last update ni @bijlanidiksha nakita ang paglaum sa nahiagian sa iyang ig-agaw “So important to tell little kids gender is a spectrum, a repertoire of places they can visit w/o losing their identity. I hope all of us tell kids we know that they are valid, they are accepted, & they are beautiful today. I hope we don’t become the bullies we warn them of.”

“Update: Today, Little Cuz picked up his sister’s pink bicycle. Uncle ridiculed him for riding on a pink bicycle like a girl (bec that’s how petty my fam is). He retorts & says “Gender real nai hota. Kal mene aur bhaiya dono ne red lipstick lagaya tha didi ke saath. Aap puchlo”

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