Caritas Health Shield emphasize commitment to Filipino public


Health maintenance organization (HMO) Caritas Health Shield has reasserted its
commitment to provide dependable and reputable health care plans to Filipino families as
said in a statement given by Caritas Health Shield president & CEO Mariano T. Katipunan, Jr.
The HMO further emphasized that it has faithfully adhered to the rules and regulations
covering the implementation and sale of its products as mandated by government
regulatory bodies.
The HMO company further stated that it immediately discontinued all of its on-ground
mall-based selling activities in an effort to address the negative feedback it received from
certain clients and prospective customers. It also implemented a thorough investigation and
assessment of its sales force, in addition to recalibrating its entire sales program.
“We have sufficiently addressed practically all of the issues and concerns to the satisfaction
of the affected parties,” said Caritas Health Shield president & CEO Mariano T. Katipunan, Jr.
“We assure the public that Caritas Health Shield will continue to service the health care
requirements of all of our bona fide members.”
Caritas Health Shield does not condone spurious, dishonorable behavior and
misrepresentation among any members of its staff. The HMO brand emphasizes that it
remains steadfast in its undertaking of prioritizing the needs and concerns of Filipinos.
In support of the health insurance company’s undertaking, it is set to file a petition with the
Insurance Commission to lift the cease and desist order on new accounts acquisition.
An established health insurance firm since 1995, Caritas is considered as one of the most
reliable and family-oriented health insurance brands due to its selection of affordable and
accessible products.

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