Healthcare: Medical Mission @ Dipolog City


Last August 28, 2018, RMN Foundation and RMN DXDR Dipolog station implemented a Medical Mission for 700 local residents of Barangay Obay, Polanco in Zamboanga Del Norte. They were provided medical check-up, medicines on top of meals, massage and haircut, all for free. There was also did bloodletting activity during the outreach project.

Barangay Obay, Polanco in Zamboanga del Norte is considered a poor community.  The residents were mostly farmers who depend on the sales of their trade on a day to day basis for their sustenance.

The project has to be done regularly to monitor the health conditions of the members of the community.  There is also the need to organize a livelihood project to present to the working adults other means and ways that will enable them to afford their families’ basic needs.

The Mission is also to celebrate the 66th Anniversary of RMN Networks.

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