Healthcare: Hygiene Kits at Prenza Elementary School


Education goes beyond books and classrooms. It will not be called “a place to learn and practice virtues,” next to home, for nothing. It is a sacred place for educating, honing talents, developing minds and acquiring virtues, among others. Cleanliness of mind and body is one of them.

Once again, RMN Foundation, in partnership with Metrobank Foundation, RMN DZXL radio station and ACS, braved out the traffic along EDSA last March 12,2019 to be with the students of Prenza Elementary School in Marilao, Bulacan, led by the School Principal, Mr. Joie Germar, for the Hygiene Kits project for RMNF’s healthcare program. Four hundred (400) students were selected for it, each bag contains toothpaste, toothbrush, bathsoap, comb and face towel.

One of the volunteers said, “When I saw the faces of these kids after receiving the kits, I felt that all our efforts paid off. I hope I will be given more opportunities to help others especially the children.”

Jocelyn, who was instrumental in linking the Foundation with the School, was more than happy to help Prenza faculty and its students that she had to take a leave to personally check on the activity.

The Foundation will continue to provide public service wherever and whenever it is needed, in all parts of the country. With your support, we wish to reach out to millions through our programs in Healthcare, Education and Social Welfare.

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