Virgie Tordillos: Dream come true with Scratchit


As an OFW, who opted to move back home to become a successful Scratchit retailer. Virgie Tordillos once dreamt of having a better life for her family. She worked as a social worker for two years in New Zealand, where the sacrifices, loneliness and challenges are simply too much to make up for being away.

A life far away from home is not easy, but still she doesn’t give up on her aspirations. Until someone told her about the potential of Scratchit Business. Right then, she drop everything and go back home to pursue the business alongside with her dream and faith in the product.

Last September 2015, Virgie started selling Scratchit Tickets with the help of her family. She filled the vacant store of her brother in Tanauan Public Market in Batangas. And conducted promotional activities and raffle promos to promote the product in the area with the help of Scratchit team. She set her ticket display and designed the store with colorful Scratchit posters and stickers to get customers.
“There was a time back then that we have to go out of the store and peddle tickets,” she confesses. Her determination to sell more grew each day, “We sold three booklets on the first day, then became 10 booklets.. Until we can sell 20 booklets per day for our first month in business, and now we can sell more than a hundred booklets per day” she tells us.

For now, Virgie owns more than thirteen Scratchit outlets around Batangas area and provide jobs for more than 20 locals. She was also able to buy her own car and give her family a better life.

Even with the achieved success in business, being a social worker and helping people of all backgrounds is still in her heart. Virgie still works on societal activities in their community which support families in need.
Virgie turned her dream into a burning desire and Scratchit™ has been an essential part of it. By selling Scratchit tickets, she is able to help people who seek assistance from PCSO heath Programs and raise her family through the returns of her business.
It’s incredible to think about how Virgie transformed their life today. Currently, the business is even expanding, opening more outlets in different places within the STBR region.

For Virgie, dreams do come true. And there is no greater time than now to begin to live your dreams too.

You too can be a Scratchit™ super retailer like Virgie. Interested Metro Manila retailers can call the Scratchit™ hotline at 0917-554-2706 or the Sales Department at (02) 687-1556. Provincial retailers can call the PCSO Provincial District Office nearest you.

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