Kananga, Leyte andam ha selebrasyon han ‘Kananga Kaanyag Festival’ yana nga June 7-11

Igpapasundayag ha bungto han Kananga, Leyte an ‘Kananga Kaanyag Festival’ tinikangan yana nga June 7 tubtub ha June 11, 2023.

“The Kananga Kaanyag Festival is a celebration of the fragrance, flavor, beauty, and abundance that our beloved town embodies,” sumala kan Kananga Municipal Mayor Matt Torres.

“This five-day extravaganza guarantees an unforgettable experience, showcasing vibrant events that will illuminate the rich cultural heritage of Kananga.”

Ha maabot nga June 7, an pag-abre han mao nga festival kun diin ig-pipresentar an mga Festival Queens.

Ha June 8 naman an Grand Ylang Ylang Tree Planting activity, “a symbolic homage to the splendor and significance of the ylang-ylang flower within the municipalityBy participating in this event, you will not only contribute to the preservation of this cherished plant but also gain valuable insights into its cultural and historical importance..”

June 9 naman an adlaw para han Beauty and Wellness ha Kananga Kaanyag Festival sugad han beauty and personality workshop, Grand Kaanyag Zumba session.

Music and Disco Wondeland naman an aktibidad ha maabot nga June 10, ” This dynamic affair will feature live performances from talented musicians and DJs, guaranteeing a night of infectious rhythms and jubilant revelry.”

Ngan ha June 11 an grand finale of the Kananga Kaanyag Festival kun diin kokoronahan an magdadaog nga Festival Queen, sugad man an Grand Ritual Showdown.

Mahitungod hine, gin-iimbitaran ni Kananga Mayor Matt Torres nga bisitahan an ira bungto agud makita han ira iginpaparayaw nga Kananga Kaanyag Festival.

“We cordially invite everyone to join us in this grand launch and immerse themselves in the vibrant culture and rich traditions that make Kananga truly unique,” dugang pa ni Torres.

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