2 muerto na quema


Un 36-año persona ya sindi con el un casa hasta yan uput el 15 caserias junto conele despues le lancia y mata consu pariente na Baliwasan Tabuk enantes aga.
Alas 10 del aga cuando si Rico Vidal y Turco, 36, ya tene argument consu pariente si Isabelito Mnaingo y Tubiuo, 51.
Amediante del dilla purpiajan, ya saca tejeras si Vidal y ya lancia muchas beses con Maningo que ya causa su muerte.
Despues de lanciar, ya sindi si Vidal con el casa donde sila ta esta hasta yan calayat el fuego na 15 maga caserias.
Ya muri tambien si Vidal despues ya entra este na medio del fuego.
Ta suspecha el maga viviuentes nohay na buen andansa el pensamiento di Vidal cuando ya comete este con el crimen. the said house.
When the flames spread out in the entire house and scattered in several neighboring houses, Vidal stayed inside the burning houses and refused to go out until he was trapped by fire.
Fifteen houses were gutted down by fire, the report from the Bureau of Fire Protection said.
Vidal’s body was retrieved during a clearing operation conducted by BFP and policemen.
Residents were suspecting that Vidal was not in his right mind when he committed the crime. – Dan Toribio


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