LANDBANK backs Biliran’s dev’t push

The Provincial Government of Biliran tapped LANDBANK to finance the construction of a flood control system in the Municipality of Naval (left photo) and acquisition of medical equipment and ambulances (center and right photos), among other development projects to enhance the delivery of essential public services in the province.

BILIRAN – State-run Land Bank of the Philippines (LANDBANK) is doing its share to
accelerate recovery and development of this island province by catering to the
banking and financial needs of the provincial government and its eight

LANDBANK is the sole servicing bank in Biliran with a 100% share in deposits and
loans of all local government units (LGUs) of the province—making the Bank the
biggest development partner of the LGUs towards inclusive and sustainable local

“Biliran is full of promising opportunities with its rich natural resources and
flourishing agriculture and tourism sectors. LANDBANK fully supports the province’s
development agenda by servicing the requirements of all LGUs and other local
stakeholders,” said LANDBANK President and CEO Cecilia C. Borromeo.

As of 30 June 2022, LANDBANK has approved loans to Biliran LGUs amounting to
P747.9 million, which include financing for the construction of road networks,
waterworks systems, public markets and government buildings, and acquisition of
essential equipment, among others.

In support of the Provincial Government’s COVID-19 response, LANDBANK financed
the acquisition of medical equipment and supplies to boost the healthcare services of
the Biliran Provincial Hospital—the only public hospital in the province.
The Bank likewise supported the provincial government in the acquisition of land and
sea ambulances to assist all municipalities for the expedient transfer of patients to
the provincial hospital.

The provincial government was also assisted by the Bank to complete a four-
kilometer road, drainage and flood control systems, water reservoir and perimeter
fence in the Municipality of Naval, which serves as the provincial capital.

LANDBANK’s outstanding loans to Biliran’s agriculture sector have reached P79.2
million, with nearly 25,000 farmers and fishers assisted as of end-June 2022. Major
provincial commodities financed include the production of milkfish and palay.

At the same time, LANDBANK also facilitates the regular disbursement of subsidies
to over 20,000 local beneficiaries of the Conditional and Unconditional Cash Transfer
(CCT/UCT) Programs of the Department of Social Welfare and Development

The CCT and UCT beneficiaries can use their LANDBANK Prepaid Cards for cash
withdrawals from the Bank’s eight automated teller machines (ATMs) and three
Agent Banking Partners (APBs) in the province, as well as for cashless purchases in
groceries and drugstores with point-of-sale (POS) terminals.

The LANDBANK Prepaid Cards are now upgraded into transaction accounts with
expanded features to provide a more convenient banking service to users. New
features include receiving funds from LANDBANK accounts through fund transfers
via the LANDBANK Mobile Banking App (MBA), iAccess, the LANDBANK Remittance
System (LBRS) for overseas remittances, ATMs, and from other bank accounts via
InstaPay and ATM fund transfers.

LANDBANK is also providing Biliran LGUs digital banking facilities designed to
enhance operational efficiency. These services include digital account management
via the LANDBANK weAccess, online payment and collection of local fees and
charges powered by the LANDBANK Link.BizPortal, and digital tax payments through
the LANDBANK Electronic Tax Payment System (eTPS).

The Bank is also looking to expand its accessible touchpoints with two additional
ATMs in the towns of Kawayan and Cabucgayan within the year.

LANDBANK, the only bank present in all 81 provinces in the country, is the biggest
development partner servicing the LGU sector, with outstanding loans reaching
P79.23 billion as of end-May 2022 and all LGUs nationwide maintaining deposit
accounts with the state-run Bank.

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