DAILY HOROSCOPE: August 29, 2018


Find out what the stars have in store for you today

Dec. 22 – Jan 19
Today you feel in control and on top of the world. You can do anything, Capricorn. This would be an auspicious time to begin a new project or creative endeavor. You can’t help but succeed, but take care not to get in your own way. Sometimes you can be your own worst enemy. Believe in yourself and move confidently in the direction of your dreams in order to make them come true.
Jan. 20 –  Feb 18
Friendship could turn into romance if you aren’t careful, Aquarius. A platonic relationship could turn passionate, and no one would be more surprised than you. Think carefully about where you’d like this to go. While it can’t go back to the way it was, you can stop it from progressing further if you’re uncomfortable with the new dynamic. You can only make this decision once.
Feb 19 – Mar 20
Today you wake up feeling reinvigorated and renewed, Pisces. You feel as though you can accomplish anything. And very likely, today you can. Anything you set your mind and attention to works out beautifully. Take care that you don’t gloat too much, though. Just because you feel invincible doesn’t necessarily mean that you are.
Mar 21 – Apr 19
People often see you as shy and reserved, Aries, but of course you know that you’re really very friendly once you relax. Today you find it unusually easy to interact with others. In fact, you feel downright gregarious as you chat and joke along with the best of them. This new, sociable you does wonders for your image. You’ve needed to loosen up for some time.
Apr 20 – May 20
All things domestic are highlighted, Taurus. It could be that you’ve finally called the plumber or set out to do those household repairs yourself. New people are likely to come into your life. In fact, they may appear at your doorstep to finagle an invitation for dinner. All you can expect today is the unexpected. Have some extra food on hand and see what happens.
May 21 – Jun 21
Keep your mind open to any and all possibilities today, Gemini. It’s likely that you’ll encounter someone who imparts valuable information. You may not realize right away just how important this information is, but it could have a dramatic impact on your life. Be prepared for anything. This is likely to be a most interesting day.
Jun 22 – Jul 22 
Your ship could come in today, Cancer. It will happen unexpectedly, and it may take you some time to adjust to this sudden financial windfall. This is a day of big changes, because you may also decide to use this money to completely alter your way of life. It could be that you make a move to another part of the country or decide to change professions. Trust your instincts, Cancer.
Jul 23 –  Aug 22
You’re likely aware of your writing abilities, Leo, but you may not realize the extent of your talent. It would be worthwhile to devote more time to your craft. You can’t improve much if writing time is interrupted by other obligations. Take some time to produce something of value. Why not give it a try, even if just for a week or so, to see what you can do?
Aug 23 – Sep 22
Tact isn’t necessarily your strong suit, Virgo. No one would accuse you of being overly sensitive to other people’s emotions, but today you turn over a new leaf. This “new and improved” you tunes in to the thoughts and feelings of others and responds in thoughtful, caring ways. You may be surprised at how effective this gentler touch can be.
Sep 23 – Oct 22
If you aren’t getting on a plane today, Libra, expect to in the near future. Your wanderlust is back and you’re bound for the wild blue yonder yet again, most likely to someplace exotic. Enjoy the time away, but do come back. It seems that sometimes your spirit of adventure dampens your enjoyment of the more mundane but more real daily life.
Oct 23 – Nov 21
Positive change rarely happens without effort. Keep this in mind as transformation occurs quickly. You may feel as though you’re in the middle of a whirlpool and getting sucked deeper and deeper, unsure of where you’ll ultimately end up. This is merely the “nose to the grindstone” phase. Trust that your efforts will ultimately be rewarded.
Nov 22 – Dec 21
You have natural leadership abilities, and today would be an ideal day to make use of this talent. In the past you may have hesitated to step forward and implement your ideas. But recent successes have given you the necessary confidence to pursue your objectives. You’ll likely find that the higher-ups support your efforts. Make the most of today’s auspicious circumstances, Sagittarius.

Source: Horoscope.com

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