PAGUIROMDOM…ni Atty. Angel R. Ojastro lll


Going to our farm in Carolina tonight to check on Tatay, Cecile and I saw a motorcycle lying at the right side of the road and quickly I sensed someone must have been in an accident. Several meters away from the motorcycle we saw a man lying flat on his back also at the right side embankment. I suddenly stopped, flashed our hazard lights, signaled the approaching vehicles to stop. Some persons on motorcycles also came along. We checked the man, he’s breathing, but bleeding from his nose and mouth. His helmet was about 20 meters away. He must have flown in the air. We called for an ambulance and some barangay tanod also arrived. The area of incident is an UNLIGHTED CURVE. And the man smells of liquor. We left as soon as the paramedics were about to arrive but I turned over the site and the man to the brgy tanods and volunteers – making sure that he is not moved and his identity is known and to keep him awake. I sense that he will be okay, but hoping that he has no internal bleeding of fractured bones or ribs, his bleeding nose and mouth may indicate either a superficial face injury or some hidden internal damage.
Sa mga nagmomotor po, or anyone driving, please, don’t drink and drive. If you have to go home after drinking, request someone sober to take you home . And for the city government and brgy officials of Pacol-Carolina, please have the area lighted well. It’s a dangerous curve, there is even no reflectorized signage.
adopted from fbpost of Atty. angel Ojastro lll

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