DAILY HOROSCOPE: August 24, 2018


Find out what the stars have in store for you today

Dec. 22 – Jan 19
Remember that no one can make you feel inferior without your consent, Capricorn. It might seem as if others are trying to show you up today with their knowledge about the world and how it should run. Don’t let them talk you into believing that your thoughts and ideas are any less valid than theirs. At the same time, it’s important for you to stay open mined and accepting other people’s idea.
Jan. 20 –  Feb 18
If you’re still using the old shovel and rake out in the fields, now is the time to upgrade, Aquarius. Get that big piece of machinery that will plow all the acres in no time. In a nutshell, think about ways in which you can be more efficient. Feel free to invest in those things that will make your life easier and more comfortable. Most likely, the natural flow the day will take you to exactly where you need to go.
Feb 19 – Mar 20
Drink plenty of water to keep your system properly hydrated, Pisces. Water is the most important part of your diet, and it’s likely that you aren’t drinking nearly enough. You are highly sensitive today so take care of yourself today is the best thing you can do.  Otherwise you might act emotional and too easily manipulated. Distance yourself from people who try to suck this life force from you. 
Mar 21 – Apr 19
You’re likely to hit that magic spot with someone today in which you can almost read each other’s thoughts, Aries. You may know exactly what that person is going to say before he or she says it. You may also find that you’re mind is working so quickly that while someone is trying to make one point, you already five steps ahead of where that person is trying to go. Put your gifts to good use.
Apr 20 – May 20
Its time to put away the sentimental feelings for the day and move to something new, Taurus. Stop pulling out old photo albums and crying about past experiences. You will only succeed in sinking into puddle of tears that you cant pull yourself out of. Instead, this is a day to look to the future and plan for new experiences that you can enjoy with the people you love.
May 21 – Jun 21
Let the genius within you come out and play, Gemini. You may feel like some sort of inventor who has wild ideas that could help to revolutionize the future. Bring this ideas into the open and see what kind of response you get from the people around you. Cutting-edge concepts are likely appeal to you the most. These are the ones that you should pursue and follow through on if you can.
Jun 22 – Jul 22 
You may get frustrated when your list of tasks for the day just does not seem to get any shorter, Cancer. More than likely, this is due to unforeseen circumstances and unexpected interruptions that you basically no control over. Don’t get upset at yourself because of things you can’t change.  Make sure to leave extra time to do the things you want, because the interruptions will continue throughout the day.
Jul 23 –  Aug 22
Because of your well-mannered attitude and socially minded outlook, Leo, you may normally be reluctant to make a stand with an outlandish idea or draw attention with an unusual outfit or hairstyle. Today is a day to be an individual in all aspects of the word. Prove that you are by doing something unexpected that shakes up the crowd. Make yourself stand out above the rest in whatever way feels more comfortable to you.
Aug 23 – Sep 22
Don’t be surprised if you’re scolded by people who are upset about the way you’re handling certain things in your life, Virgo. Most likely, the people who criticize you the most are the ones who understand you the least. They are probably on a completely different wavelength than you, and it isn’t your job to try to change them, nor is it your responsibility to change your ways because of them.
Sep 23 – Oct 22
You may find yourself flying high for no particular reason, Libra. If you aren’t, stop and examine the situation. More than likely, any emotional discomfort you feel is due to a lack of personal freedom in one way or another. Perhaps you’re feeling too tied down emotionally or too restrained mentally. Perhaps you need to get out of your current situation entirely. Use this day to seek ways to feel more independence in your world.
Oct 23 – Nov 21
This is a good time for you to subscribe to some sort of magazine or newsletter that will keep you abreast of current events and developments in a field or hobby that interests you, Scorpio. The operative word of the day is “new.” Keep your mind fresh with news that sparks your interest and gives you the inspiration you need to keep striving for the goals you have to set for yourself.
Nov 22 – Dec 21
You probably have the desire to take charge, and you certainly have the capability, so what are you waiting for, Sagittarius? Stop sitting around waiting for someone else to make a decision. By the time the others are done arguing and vacillating about which direction to go, you will already have traveled miles and miles down the road. Your heart wants you to take a strong, independent stance.

Source: Horoscopes Daily Plus

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