DAILY HOROSCOPE: March 19, 2019


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Mar 21 – Apr 19

A book, letter, or other important piece of paperwork that was misplaced might finally be found today, Aries. This is important, as it may relate to financial concerns or a creative project that you’ve been working on. The information it contains should motivate you to move ahead and put this matter to rest. Much of your day could be spent dealing with this. Go to it!


Apr 20 – May 20

Discussions with close friends could lead to ideas for creative projects of some kind, Taurus. Although the projects themselves may center on writing, music, drama, graphics, or teaching, today’s brainstorming is likely to center more on business and marketing than artistic matters. Nonetheless, you could walk away feeling inspired and motivated. Write down your ideas.


May 21 – Jun 21

Money matters might require your attention today, Gemini. Concerns involving the home are on your mind. You may need to work on the household accounts or balance the records of a home business. You may put in more time than necessary. Don’t assume the worst! All should be basically well, so you probably could just balance the accounts and move on. You have other things to do, too!


Jun 22 – Jul 22

Deep thought that occupies your time today could lead to some fascinating conversations with a close friend or partner, Cancer. Lots of deas and useful information could be discussed and lead to new projects, perhaps involving writing or teaching. You will want to research every possible contingency before making definite plans, so get busy. You don’t want to pass up a lucrative opportunity.


Jul 23 –  Aug 22

Today your imagination is likely to be flying high, Leo, drawing on past images and events that you may have forgotten. You may wonder about the commercial potential of your thoughts. A conversation with a friend who knows this subject could prove enlightening. Write your ideas down and learn as much as you can about your various options over the next few days. You might be surprised!


Aug 23 – Sep 22

A friend could put forth some ideas regarding incorporating the arts into a business enterprise, Virgo. A lot of discussion could result, though it’s unlikely that any final decisions will be made now. More ideas should come over the next few days. Some intense research on your end should shed some light on the workability of the project. Go to it!


Sep 23 – Oct 22

Imagination and insights definitely advance a project today, Libra. Discussions, perhaps involving money, spur you and your collaborators on to new innovative projects that might prove to be of great benefit to all. Don’t let your inspiration stop there. Let the ideas and images spur you on toward new enterprises and horizons. Make the most of them in every possible way.


Oct 23 – Nov 21

Friends who have been traveling or live far away could bring some interesting news your way that hasn’t yet broken in your area, Scorpio. This might make you curious to do some research on the subject. Take everything you hear with a grain of salt until you determine the facts for yourself. Things can get garbled in translation when you hear things second or third hand.


Nov 22 – Dec 21

Today you might give some thought to career matters, Sagittarius. You’re probably trying to brainstorm ingenious ways to advance professionally and increase your income. A number of different options might present themselves, some workable, some not. It might not be easy to put them into action, but keep trying. Obstacles always arise when you’re trying something new. You will get there.


Dec. 22 – Jan 19

Your partner may return from a journey today, Capricorn, and a deep conversation could follow. Your friend will share stories of the trip, which could lead to talk about the relationship’s future. Nothing is apt to be decided. The discussion is more likely to focus on generalities than specifics. You will gain a stronger understanding of your partner and how things could shape up.



Jan. 20 –  Feb 18

Today you may feel a little out of sorts, Aquarius, but your creative energies are likely to flow freely. Inspiration could come from deep within you. You’re probably more focused than usual, and therefore can spend considerable time working on a task or project without getting restless. Give free rein to your ideas. They might seem a bit dark and strange at first, but they’re important.


Feb 19 – Mar 20

The survival of a partnership could depend on some open and honest communication today, Pisces. Conflicting issues may be simmering and need to be aired in a sensitive and caring way. It’s vital to express the affection you feel for your partner and the importance of this partnership to you. The conversation may not be an easy one, but you will feel better for it by day’s end.

Source: Horoscope.com

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