Healthcare: Hygiene Kits Project at Amaya Elementary School


March 1, 2019 was a busy yet fulfilling day for RMN  Foundation. The volunteers, together with the faculty members and some parents of Amaya Elementary School, organized a healthcare activity: A Hygiene Kits Project for its 400 students, giving away toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrush, comb, bath soap and face towel) for each of them.

Dr. Felino Sidocon, Jr., School Principal IV of Amaya has this to say,“This will be very useful for the kids as it promotes cleanliness of the body and protection against sicknesses. This will also serve as a reminder to the parents for their children take responsibility of their own physical hygiene.”

This is one of the series of healthcare projects initiated by RMN Foundation, with the support of Metrobank Foundation and ACS Manufacturing Corporation.


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