Philippine Red Cross has provided more than 40% of country’s Dengue patients’ blood requirements – Gordon


The Philippine Red Cross (PRC) has provided more than 40% of the country’s blood requirement for dengue cases this year, PRC Chairman and CEO Richard J. Gordon reported.

The PRC collects 15,000 to 20,000 blood units a day from donors, so it always has a supply in its blood banks. Gordon said that when a dengue case warrants blood transfusion, PRC can provide the blood product needed.

On the celebration of National Blood Donors’ Month this July, Gordon emphasized that blood donation is not transactional: A blood donor donates voluntarily, without payment, and need not assert that they be given blood right away in case they are the ones who need it in the future, because everyone who requests blood will be given what they need. If there is an armed conflict, for example, a soldier need not request for blood, because the PRC will send blood, Gordon added.

When asked about the benefits of donating blood, he explained, “Maganda sa nagbibigay ‘yan, because it’s very healthy for you. Para ka lang nagpapa-change oil. Syempre magre-regenerate ‘yung cells kapag nagbigay ka ng dugo. At importante, malay mo kung ‘yung kamag-anak mo nangangailangan ng dugo.”

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