Social Welfare: No One Should Feel Alone

Imagine yourself in the middle of a crowd, where people were passing by left and right, not minding the others, almost hitting some, as if you were the only one who existed in the whole universe. Or you were seated alone, gazing at nothing, like in deep thought that not the slightest din could distract you.

Lately, the damp atmosphere due to heavy rains have created different feels in us.  In fact, a lot of memes and funny lines are coming out that, in one way or the other, making us laugh at the gloomy weather conditions.  Typical of a Pinoy. But this does not sit well with everyone. It actually makes us feel gloomy as if making a pact with the bad weather.

Nobody, not even one person, should feel lost and alone. In a typical day, we find ourselves surrounded by people, at work, in the school, in our community.  How do we put in plain words those who seemed to be happy, even laughing their hearts out but only to find out they were suffering from sadness or depression.  As the saying goes, “Everyone has their own demons,” which means each one of us has his/her own weaknesses and trials to deal with or fighting their own battles.  “The StruggleIsReal hashtag is not only a nice line to hear.  It is real, more real than you can think of.

We cannot label anyone a hopeless case. We can do a lot, and we should do something here and now, to bring someone out from this sorry situation.

  • Smile often (even if you’re the one hurting). It can lift a bad mood, make others feel better, joy or amused. Even scientists claim that smiling on purpose can change brain chemistry.
  • Thank you. I am sorry. Please. Three of the most powerful phrases but are taken for granted. There is always, always a good reason to be thankful for, a mistake or fault to be repentant about and to be humble to accept that there is always someone who is better than us and know that we can do more with the help of others.
  • Be kind. Understand. You don’t know what each is one is going through.
  • Make everyone feel at home, with no exception. Make the others know or experience that they matter to you. A simple “How are you?” can make a lot of difference.
  • Love without measure.  Give till it hurts. You do a thing because you want to regardless of what the consequences this may bring.  Treat everyone with love and compassion. No one should leave a room/place feeling unloved.
  • Speak up. Hear out. Talk to someone who sincerely cares for you. A lot of issues are resolved when there is proper communication.  Learn to listen too.  Drop everything (that person is the only one that matters to you at that moment), when a friend, colleague, sister or a brother goes to you for a talk, whether it’s a simple as ‘what shoes to wear on a date’ to as serious as ‘I had a fight with my mom.’
  • Help others who are in need. You may choose an organization that you share the same advocacy with or just do a random giving to the street children near your office.
  • Find time to commune with God. Praying is not only for priests, nuns or religious. Contemplation makes one realize there’s more to life than what you have in this world.  It makes you turn away from yourself but rather, turns you more to Him and to his creatures. The One above will never turn a deaf ear to someone who sincerely talks to Him.

Let each one of us be an inspiration, a positive influencer to others.  We do not want, we cannot let anyone feel alone. St John Paul II says, “The worst prison is a closed heart.”

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