Maureen Wroblewitz, sinagot ang komento ng isang netizen tungkol sa body-shame


Sinagot ni Maureen Wroblewitz, nanalong Asia’s Next Top Model 2017, ang body-shame na komento ng netizen sa kaniya.

Sa kaniyang Instagram, nagkomento ang netizen ng “Bakit flat?” at sinagot naman niyang “I don’t know. You can’t have everything in life.”

Ipinaliwanag niya rin ang naging sagot niya sa Twitter:

“If I haven’t already accepted my itty bitty titties then something like this would really hurt. What were you trying to achieve? Imagine if this was on someone’s photo who was really insecure,” pahayag ni Maureen.

“We should be able to love ourselves and accept who we are. Don’t make it harder for us,” dagdag niya.

Nagpahayag naman ang mga netizen ng suporta sa kaniya at nagbahagi ng kanilang karanasan sa body-shaming.

Ayon sa isang netizen, irespeto ang pagkaiba-iba ng lahat at mahalin ang sarili.

“So saddening that people use that word as a joke. If you are blessed in life, be thankful! But never make anyone feel that they are less of a person. It’s not about being all the same. It’s about respecting differences. After all, loving yourself is the greatest revolution,” aniya.

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