‘Mercy killing’ sa 100 aso sa Bulacan, ipinagpaliban muna


May tiyansa pang maisalba sa death row ang tinatayang nasa 100 aso na nasa dog pound ng San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan kung may mag-aapon sa mga ito.

Inihinto muna ng City Veterinary Office ang nakatakda sanang euthanization o mercy killing ng mga ito nitong Sabado, Hunyo 22, dahil may mga dumating pang tao para mag-ampon.

Ngunit hindi raw puwedeng patagalin ang pagpapaliban ng euthanasia dahil hindi na kinakaya ang gastos sa pag-aasikaso sa mga aso.

Nakasaad sa Anti-rabies Act na maaaring ipa-ampon ang mga nahuli at dinalang aso sa dog pound matapos ang tatlong araw na walang kumuha at maaari na silang isailalim sa euthanasia kung wala ring mag-aampon sa mga ito.

May sakit na ang ilan sa mga aso pero maayos pa ang kalagayan ng karamihan dito.

Patuloy naman ang panawagan ng iba’t-ibang volunteer para sa proteksyon ng mga aso gaya ng Pawssion Project, non-profit group na nakabase sa Bacolod na nagsagawa ng donation drive para sa pagsagip sa mga aso.


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Hi! My name is Malou, and I started Pawssion Project in Bacolod just last October 2018. This was not planned at all. It all just came together because some 50 dogs were scheduled to be killed,by gunshot,at the pound.I never even planned to be a rescuer.All I ever wanted was for those dogs to be saved. Then came another report the following week,then some more from other pounds and it just never stopped.For months,only 3-4 people worked on shelter management, rescue operation and many other duties. This is a vicious cycle that will never end unless we all come together and make a stand, unless we solve the root of the problem which is lack of help from the government especially on strict implementation of rules, fines and penalties for irresponsible pet ownership and animal cruelty, unless we make an effort to sterilize the strays so we solve the over population problem,unless we all come together to educate people.I have had successful rescue operations in places outside my hometown with the help of other rescue groups and shelters and this is how its supposed to be. I have come across cases when others won’t help or even coordinate at all.I have seen how dramatic and draining the animal welfare world is but I believe that when we can all come together to make a stand and unite so we can be heard,WE CAN MAKE THIS WORK. Its high time egos be put aside. We are all just but humans here. Let the one who has no sin cast the first stone. Mistakes have been made in the past but let not that stop us from saving the strays of this country. They need us. If we really just have one common goal, we have to work together, not against each other. And we can start with Bulacan. 100 dogs on death row. Think about that. But we can always do something. Other shelters can help accommodate some, others can help campaign for adopters, others can help with transpo and all volunteers are welcome. It does not end here, I know, but this could be the beginning of a bigger voice. ARE YOU WITH US?

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